Basketball shoes

Mixing the indoor and outdoor world, basketball shoes are essential for a good basketball practice! Basket-Center offers you a selection of the best brands and models of basketball shoes. Nike, adidas, Peak and many other brands are waiting for you on Basket-Center!

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Which basketball shoes to choose?

Choosing your basketball shoes is an important step for all basketball players!

Find on this category, different brands of shoes for men, women and juniors, whether you are a beginner or anexperiencedbasketball player!

Basket-Center offers to help you choose the right pair of shoes to beat the other team in the court.

Types of basketball shoes

There are different types of shoes in basketball. There are mid-range, low-range, light and heavy shoes.

Which ones should you choose? Your choice of shoes will vary depending on your style of play, your physical abilities and most importantly your position on the court.

Lightweight, low-top basketball shoes for fast players

If you're a fast player, look for shoes that are soft and airy. You'll want a pair that is close to the ground so that you have better support on the court.

In addition, we also recommend that you choose shoes with good ankle support and a sole that grips the floor. Indeed, with fast players the change of direction is constant and brutal.

Mid-top basketball shoes for versatile players

The perfect compromise between a light and heavy shoe! Mid-top basketball shoes allow you to avoid ankle twists while keeping speed in the racquet.

The big difference with other pairs of shoes is the thickness of the sole which allows to absorb the shocks!

Heavy and solid basketball shoes

If you are a rather tall and physical player, we strongly advise you to choose a high pair of shoes considered as more solid and heavy. Indeed, this one will allow you to resist more easily to the physical contacts as well as to defend the rebounds which will solicit strongly your ankle.

Choose your basketball shoes according to your position

Basketball has three types of positions: point guard, wing and inside .

For point guards, low shoes are recommended. Indeed, to guarantee you a freedom of movement in order to organize the game and move quickly.

Wingers must adapt their choices according to their technical qualities. This position requires great versatility. That's why we advise you to choose a pair with a mid-height at the ankle. For example, if you are an extremely offensive winger, a durable model with good cushioning will be preferable.

The positions of interior and the pivots are those where the contact and the supports are solicited the most. We therefore recommend a solid pair with good cushioning, in order to stand up to your opponents.

How to choose basketball shoes for your child?

For your child, the choice is much simpler. Indeed, less complex models are available. Junior basketball shoes are totally versatile. They bring comfort, flexibility and resistance!

Up to 12 years old we advise you to go to our Juniorrange .