Basketball wear

Discover the entire textile range in this category. You will find all the clothes you need to practice your favorite sport: basketball. Find the right basketball clothing for all types of situations: warm-ups, training sessions or even competitions!

This category offers a well-stocked wardrobe for men, women and children, so you can practice in the best conditions.

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Basketball apparel

How to choose your basketball clothes?

You are starting to play basketball or you need to renew your clothes, here are some advices to choose your basketball clothes.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have two choices for the top of your outfit, a sleeveless tank top or a t-shirt with sleeves. If you want to have your shoulders and arms clear, we advise you to choose a tank top for the upper body. Also, if you need to change colors or styles during your workout, a reversible tank top will be a perfect match.

Some people also prefer to have their shoulders covered while they play, so we suggest you adapt, depending on your basketball practice. Indeed, in outdoor, a thicker fabric will be necessary contrary to indoor where the temperature allows the use of much lighter material. In addition, long-sleeved shirts are also an option during an outdoor basketball game in cool weather.

Textile: choosing your basketball shorts

For the lower body, shorts are a must. Indeed, mandatory whether you are a professional or an amateur, or whether you are a man, a woman or a child.

A soft and ample short is necessary to facilitate the best movements on the court.

Discover our entire range of shorts by clicking here.

Textile : choose your basketball socks

Often underestimated, the basketball sock is a very important part of the textile. Indeed, for the comfort of the foot during the effort, and on the other hand to evacuate the perspiration. It is also an essential element to protect the feet against blisters, and other small contusions, due to the effort or to a bad basketball shoe.

Here are the different ones that we advise you in order to be comfortable on the court: the mid-low socks, mid-calf, or the high socks that reach the knees.

Off-court clothing

After a training session, it is clearly not advisable to stay in the same outfit as during the training. In this category you will find the different tracksuits and jackets that are essential to allow you to change after your game!

Stay on top of your sport even off the court with our selection of off court apparel, Mitchell & Ness, Spalding, Nike, adidas and many other brands are waiting for you on Basket-Center.