Basketball Equipment

Here is our catalog of products essential to the practice of Basketball. Protection, baskets, bags, care, nutrition... Basket-Center offers a wide range of equipment from the best brands present on the NBA courts: adidas, Nike, McDavid, Blindsave, Rehband, New Era and many others!

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The equipment necessary for the practice of basketball

The practice of basketball requires a lot more equipment than it seems. Indeed, if you want to benefit from an ideal comfort during your games or training, consult our different offers to raise your level on the court.

Discover now our basketball equipment, from accessories to protections, bags and nutrition. Find also our selection of the best basketball equipment and brands.

What basketball equipment should I choose?

Now that you've learned about your shoes, the right clothing and the right size of ball. Now find out what equipment is essential for a good basketball practice.

Equipment : What protection to choose in basketball?

Basketball is far from being a contact sport. However, the shocks between players are extremely recurrent and can even generate bruises.

Physical hits in basketball are usually present in defense under the basket.

In order to be protected and to be able to be more comfortable in defense, we advise you to get protective solutions:

Comfortable and resistant, this protective equipment allows you to be more comfortable in your duels during the decisive matches!

We recommend the following brands:Mc David, Spalding, Blindsave, Rehband and Shock Doctor.

Equipment : Sponge wristbands and basketball headbands

Worn on the wrist, the purpose of the sponge wristbands is toabsorb perspiration during a great physical effort. Moreover, it allows you to sponge your forehead when the sweat becomes too important and thus to remain totally concentrated during your training.

Easy to access and inexpensive, you will find on various sponge wristbands from your favorite brands!

For the forehead, the most effective way to reduce sweat is to use a headband. Indeed, covering a part of the forehead, it limits the accumulation of sweat.

Also, don't forget that while you are practicing basketball you should always wear the right clothes: shorts, t-shirt, socks and of course a good pair of shoes, in order to be as comfortable as possible on the court.