Whether it's for training, warm-up or competition, whether you're a beginner or an expert, whether it's indoor or outdoor basketball, there's a basketball that's right for you at Basket-Center. Spalding, Wilson, Molten, Nike, adidas, Tremblay CT or Peak, you just have to choose among our selection of basketballs brands.

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Mostly orange in color, basketballs are usually made of leather, rubber or synthetic materials.

What size basketball should I choose?

The size of the basketball varies depending on whether you are a man, a woman or a child . Indeed, for men, it is a size 7 that is used.

For women, size 6 is recommended and for children under 12 years old, a ball of size 3 to 5 is recommended.

It is important to understand that the bigger the size, the bigger the circumference and the weight. Until the age of12, it will be necessary to adapt to the needs of your child.

The different sizes of a basketball :

Size 1: from 3 years old

Size 3: from 4 to 6 years old

Size 5: from 7 to 12 years old

Size 6: for Juniors from 12 years old and women

Size 7: for men.

Choosing an indoor or outdoor ball? What is the difference?

There are two types of balls in order to suit the various grounds allowing the practice of basketball. Indeed,indoor oroutdoor, these different names, often written on the ball, indicate if the ball is designed for a practice in gym or outdoor.

The difference between an indoor and an outdoorball is the coating which will be rather rubber for the outdoor and leather for the indoor, offering a better touch of ball .

However, leather is less resistant and adherent than rubber. Nevertheless, there are also hybrid balls made of leather which are much more resistant and allow indoor and outdoor basketballs!

How to choose a basketball ?

Now that you know the size of the ball you want to use, as well as the court where you want to play (outdoor or indoor). Allyou need to do is decide between the different brands!

The brands of balls are different according to the leagues. Indeed, one of the brands known by all is without any doubt Spalding. For several years, it was the official equipment of the NBA and the WNBA.

However, in 2021 , it is theWilsonbrand that will equip the players of the prestigious NBA and WNBA league . In the same way asSpalding, Wilson markets balls for all types of budgets and practices.

Molten is also one of the prestigious brands in basketball. Indeed, it provides the official balls of the FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

We also offer balls from Nike, not necessarily a pioneer company in the manufacture of basketballs, but over time it has managed to impose itself and compete with the giant Spalding and Wilson.

Betting a lot on the design of their balls, Nike seduces more easily the new generation. And for good reason! The brand has sponsored the International Junior Tournament for several years.